2015 Chevy Monte Carlo Concept

A two door Chevy Impala = Chevy Monte Carlo to me. This is most likely what the 2015 Chevrolet Monte Carlo would look like if GM made it.
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36 thoughts on “2015 Chevy Monte Carlo Concept”

  1. This car ROCKS. It is radical designed. Put the same effort on the inside as well as the transmission which s/b at least 6 speed automatic. The car should perform like a BMW. But with American know how. Hold back NOTHING. Do it right. I guarantee you won’t be able to stop them from rolling off the assembly line. GM let’s get crack-in. It is time we take charge. Build it Do it…

  2. LoL not to be a dick but it’s called a job…. honestly I do ok it’s not that hard to save that much money in 2 weeks I saved $100 in change by throwing it in a jar I don’t owe a car payment but I pretend I have 2 and put it into a savings for later. It all ends at good credit with banks that will always loan you what you need but never live beyond what you can afford plus for 130K look at the options ZR1 and a GTR are right at or under 100K why blow it on an NSX? It’s hype really.

  3. I hope not I was aiming at a built evo 9 I sold my 1st evo but I think I rather try this new NSX out but not at 130k F that and I would still have to wait 2 more years…… and 50k wouldn’t even put a dent on buying it out automatically. 75-90k and after about 6 months to work out all the bugs I would get one anything else is pushing it.

  4. Honda better do the right thing and make it in Japan. I don’t care if it costs more, I’d gladly pay the premium to make sure it’s built in Japan, not America.

  5. yeah and it’s not gonna come out for about 2-3 years so yeah… my dream car is the audi r8, Ive wanted that car forever

  6. Yeah, I know what you mean. I just hope that the NSX will be much better in design. Thanks for your comment!!! I appreciate it.

  7. My issue is with the front facia, for me it still doesn’t quite work. The headlights look too ‘old-school future-istic’ if you get what im saying, like some concept car designer from the 80′s idea of what the furture would be. The front grill chevron also looks cheesy, the same design found on there other cars, which looks plastic and paint chrome terrible out in the real world. Much of this car looks great but the front will look all plasticy in outdoor lighting conditions.

  8. New monte carlo should look nothing like, that car just looks like a two door sedan. The monte should have a muscle car look, and that car does say muscle car at all, but it might sell to the twenty something crowd that know nothing about old school muscle cars or just good fresh designs.

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